Hampton Chapter

Richmond Chapter

Regional Officers:

District Director: Vernon Richmond email:

President:  Doris Jones email:  
Vice President: Gregory Bennett email:
Secretary:  Michaun Harrison email:
Treasurer: Hardy Alexander   email

Chaplain: Dr. Clyde Jackson email: 


Regional Group Info:

Regional Group By-Laws
Regional Group Official Meeting Notice
Regional Group Official Registration Form  Html (docx)
Regional Meeting Minutes 14 Oct 2017


Veteran Hospital locations and phone numbers within the Regional area:

Baltimore Maryland VA. Medical Center:
10 North Greene Street Baltimore, Maryland  21201.
Phone number:   (410) 605-7000.
Vist Coordinator: Sonya Morris.
Phone number:  (410) 605-7000.  Ext. 5124.
(BROS) Blind Rehabilitation Outreach Specialist: William Lange.
Phone number: (410) 605-7000.  Ext. 5160.

Hampton Road Virginia VA. Medical Center.
100 Emancipation Drive Hampton, VA 23667.
Phone number: (757) 722-9961.
Vist Coordinator:  Amy Schroop.
Phone number: (757) 728-7070.

Richmond Virginia VA. Medical Center:
1201 Broad Rock Road Richmond, VA.  23249.
Phone number: (804) 675-5000.
Robert A. McDonald is the new Secretary of Veteran Affairs
Director:  John A. Brandecker  804-675-5500
Associate Director:  Alan Lombardo  (804) 675-5501
Associate Medical Center Director:  Majorie Lyne
Chief of Staff:  Julie L. Beales, MD  804 675 5000
Associate Medical Center Director for Patient Care Services:  Rita Duval  (804) 675-5388
Vist Coordinator:  Evelyn Heatwole.Phone number: (804) 675-5221.
(BROS) Blind Rehabilitation Outreach Specialist : Cyndy Iskow. Phone number: (804) 675-6568.

Roanoke/Salem Virginia VA. Medical Center:
1970 Roanoke Blvd Salem Va., 24153.
Phone number:   (540) 982-2463.
Vist Coordinator: Stephanie Sackett
Phone number:  (540) 982-2643  Ext. 3356.

Washington D.C. VA. Medical Center:
50 Irving Street NW, Washington D.C. 20422.
Phone number: (202) 745-8000.
Vist Coordinator: Lillie Kennedy.
Phone number: (202) 745-8621.
(BROS) Blind Rehabilitation Outreach Specialist:  Cecilia Rose.
Phone number: (202) 745-8000.  Ext. 5007.

Wilmington Delaware. VA. Medical Center:
1601 Kirkwood Highway Wilmington Delaware,19805.
Phone number:   (302) 994-2511.
Vist Coordinator: Sharleen Dass.
Phone number: (302) 994-2511.  Ext. 4960.